eHow in the News

EHow has been popping up in the news a lot recently.  This month in the Times and on NBC.  I read the comments and they all say generally the same thing.  Is this legit?  Does it work?  Yes, emphatically, yes.  We know because this is how we supplement our income.  In our seminar we tell you all about eHow and we also tell you how you can increase your earnings with the tricks that we have learned from experience.

Take a few minutes and read the articles from the Times and NBC and if you have any questions, just send us an email.  We are here to help.

This seminar is designed to do the following:

Teach you what websites will pay you to write

How to optimize your articles to earn more money.

Learn how you  can write and make a constant monthly income

LA Seminar July 23rd

Greetings.  Are you currently utilizing the internet to earn money from your writing or are you promoting your outside writing on the internet?  Do you want to increase your ability to earn from writing?  We would love to meet you in person. We are holding writer’s seminar on July 23rd in Los Angeles.  Because you are an established writer we are inviting you to attend with a steep discount. If you will bring a print out of this email (compete) , you can attend the first session for 10 dollars. That is a $10.00 discount for the first session at 6:30 on July 23rd.

Location:  4423 W. Jefferson,  Los Angeles #103

You must pre register so that we can save room for you!

Los Angeles Tour

Our next Seminar will be in Los Angeles.  Since LA is so large, we want to make sure that we hold the seminar at the best possible location for all, and would love to hear from everyone what would be the best location for them.  So, please take the time to send us a comment.  If there is a large enough response we may end up doing several seminars in LA County and Orange County.  Send us a comment now and we will let you know soon where we will be.

WEx3 Team Present

Jodi JillDarla HangerJerrie Dean

Jodi Jill                     Darla Hanger         Jerrie Dean

The Online Income Experts – Live

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May 8 & 9  in Phoenix, Arizona

Friday, May 8th at 10 AM , 4:00 pm and 7PM:

Location : Chamber of Commerce Bldg. 508 Monroe St. Buckeye Arizona

Saturday, May 9th at 10:00 am –

Location: 1st Southern Baptist Church 1001 N. Central Bldg.D Avondale AZ

With advice and help from Online Income Experts, Jerrie, Jill and Darla, you can learn how to earn money working online, writing recipes, how to’s articles and blogs right on your own computer keyboard.

Jerrie, Jill and Darla are Online Writing Entrepreneurs, who have learned the secrets to successful Internet writing. Join the WEx3 team and shorten your learning curve as they teach you, step-by-step, how to make money writing for the popular website, eHow, Bukisa, and Examiner as well as other money generating sites.

Darla, Jodi and Jerrie, will give you insider tips and proven strategies on how to optimize your earnings, from the minute you start writing. Together the team will cover a range of specialties and experiences – from writing to marketing from trends to strategies – so no matter what type of articles you write, you’re sure to get practical, real-world information to being paid for your creative endeavors.


  • The TECHNIQUES to get your articles noticed!
  • How to come up with article IDEAS.
  • The most effective social marketing websites to INCREASE your earnings
  • INSIDER TIPS on how to use Search Engine Optimizing
  • How to write ARTICLES IN 30 MINUTES or less
  • Walk out the door with your first rough draft ARTICLE IN HAND!